Mark Rothko

It was a few years ago when I first saw a painting anything like this one (perhaps 3) by Mark Rothko:

Centre Triptych for the Rothko Chapel

Of course I realise this may not be to everyone’s taste and, I admit that, at first it wasn’t to mine. However I checked out a few more Rothko’s and realised the simplicity in his work was not all there was to it – it’s far too easy to dismiss this type of painting as childish or perhaps even vacuous, but I liked the questions it asked me.

Why does this type of work even make me think?

Could or would a child come up with anything like it?

Forget everything and ask yourself what red (in this case) means to you?

It doesn’t matter what you think, just that you take some time to think… do you feel uncomfortable? perhaps you feel lighter? even confused? It doesn’t matter, let those thoughts run free for a while and then look at something else, for example:

Rothko II
Rothko II

Ask others what they think when they are looking at similar things, perhaps you’ll find some common ground. Who knows, you may even try to reproduce something similar or, perhaps even better, something different.

Believe me this get’s easier with practice, and of course it applies to all forms of art (whatever that means!)

I hope you can enjoy something new…… Oh! and by the way, It’s OK not to like things as well….