Sustainable Energy – Without the hot air

Sustainable Windmill

If you are interested in sustainable energy, this really is a good read.

As an electrical engineer (albeit in a previous life!) I have been following the green energy debates for a good few years now. To be honest, most of the information has been hazy at best and downright misleading at worst. All we need are facts, not pseudo science. Believe me when I say “I can understand”….. you don’t need to lie.

Your system cannot perform at 100% efficiency all the time, probably not ever. It will make some noise, some pollution, or have some detrimental effect further along the coast. Nothing is free!

If you want to get a better insight into a lot of this stuff, have a read of this: Sustainable Energy without the hot air, it takes a proper look at the problems and comes to a considered conclusion. Yes, its a long read, but that’s because it looks at things in detail and comes to conclusions based on facts and not some wishy-washy hocus pocus.

Download the pdf: Sustainable Energy – Without the hot air.

Dieselgate – An Explanation….

I came  across this Youtube video a while ago and finally got around to watching it all the way through.

The second part, starting at 39:58, is the most interesting as it explains the whole VW diesel scam in some detail. Worth a watch if you are a bit techie.

Note: the original Youtube video was removed but I discovered this replacement, the timings above may not work with the new version.

Probably not the only manufacturer playing games like this but only time will tell.