Bit of a computer update…

Things have changed quite a lot on the computer front. My Windows PC is now sitting on the shelf and switched off. The change completely to Mac was enabled by my no longer needing FrameMaker. That old reliable friend that Adobe decided to never update on other than Windows was my preferred word/document processor for many years. The good old Dell i5 ran the software well and fast enough for a bad typist like me.

FrameMaker enabled the production of many, many, long and technical documents and in fact earned me a living for many years. However when I became Observatory Director and astronomy club magazine editor, it was obvious that I’d continue with software I knew well and could be relied on.

Well, after over 100 editions of the monthly magazine, I managed to hand responsibility for it to another club member and my entire reason for using FrameMaker and owning a Windows PC has ended.

Bunker is back!

It’s been ages since I got so fed up with everyone’s “hobby” blogs being swallowed up by FaceBlock and the like, I decided to give up on the whole blog thing and deleted this one completely.

There were many blogs which disappeared and many others which were never updated. Anyhow, I thought I’d give things another go and see whether a) anyone finds and reads this one or b) wants to comment on articles here without the risks that seem to go with Social Media.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.